We can support you in the following industries:

  • Automotive Industry  

The automotive industry is an industry dedicated to the mass production of automobiles (automobile manufacturing) and other motor vehicles.

  • Chemical industry

The chemical industry (also chemical industry, chemical industry, chemical industry) is an industry (branch), which deals with the production of chemical products. This industry produces the required materials for many other industries. Important industries requiring these materials are the plastics industry, the food industry, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the glass industry and the building materials industry.

  • Oil and gas

Oil extraction refers to the prospecting and exploration of oil deposits and the extraction of oil from oil deposits.

Natural gas is a combustible, naturally occurring gas mixture found in underground reservoirs. It often occurs along with petroleum because it arises in a similar way. Natural gas consists mainly of highly flammable methane, but the exact composition depends on the deposit. Sometimes a treatment of the raw gas is necessary to separate toxic, corrosive and / or chemically inert (non-combustible) components or to enrich methane. When talking about “natural gas” in a general or technical context, it is usually very methane-rich natural gas in consumer quality.

  • Industry for power generation

As power generation or electricity production is meant the large-scale production of electrical energy by means of power plants. The electrical energy thus provided is transported via power grids to the consumers. In power generation, no energy is generated in the physical sense. Instead, it is based on a transformation of another form of energy into electrical energy.


  • Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering (also referred to as mechanical engineering) is a classical engineering science and extends to the development, design and production of machinery. These include

Power machines (steam engine, engine or turbine),

Working machines (fan, pump or compressor),

Machine tools (turning, milling or grinding machine),

Conveying equipment (crane or conveyor belt) and the

vehicle technology

Aerospace Engineering.

The mechanical engineering industry emerged from the craft of metalworking, by mill-builders, blacksmiths and locksmiths.


  • Printing industry

The printing industry (including the printing, printing and printing industries) is an industry that deals with the production of printed matter.


  • Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturers (also referred to as pharmaceutical companies and collectively as the pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical industries) are companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals. The range of activities covers research and development for new active ingredients and dosage forms, the manufacture of medicines (original or generic).

  • Lebensmittelindustrie

The food industry is a downstream sector of the food industry, where a substantial proportion of agricultural products are processed for human consumption.

  • Mining

Mining is a part of the mining industry. Man refers to the exploration, extraction and treatment of natural resources from the upper crust using technical equipment and tools.

  • Steel industry

The steel industry is an industry that belongs to heavy industry and deals with the production of steel and, in some cases, with the distribution of the steel produced.


  • Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding refers to engineering, which is concerned with the development of ships, and the industry, which manufactures and repairs ships.

  • Glass industry

The glass industry includes all glass manufacturing and processing companies. Glass is widely used in industry, research, construction and private households.

  • Plastics industry

Plastics processing refers to the production of molded parts, semi-finished products, fibers or films made of plastics, which are supplied by the chemical industry, usually as granules (masterbatch), powders, foils or sheets.











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